Which option should I select: how long do I need?

The amount of time you need to have access to the workshop material depends on what you aim to achieve. The three most common aims, and the suggested options are:-

  1. To understand how research grants are awarded and how this affects the way to write applications. This should take you no more than three or four hours of watching videos and reading. Suggested option: Daily.
  2. To practise writing a set of key sentences. Most of the participants in the interactive workshops take several days to produce a set of key sentences. Suggested option: Weekly.
  3. To write a grant-application as quickly as possible. Writing a case for support takes most people at least a week of concentrated work. Most people spread it over at least three or four weeks. Suggested option: Monthly.

VAT will be added to prices if you live in the UK.

£10 for 1 Day
£25 for 7 Days
£40 for 14 Days
£75 for 1 Month