Workshop on Research Impact: Policy, Enterprise and Commercialisation

For groups of researchers (6-20 participants), Alison can offer a workshop in developing opportunities for increasing research impact. 

The workshop is interactive and facilitates peer sharing and learning, in addition to providing tools and activities to assist researchers in recognising how best to increase the impact of the research they undertake. Workbooks with all the activities are provided to individuals at the end of the day.

The day long workshop will cover the following:

  1. What is research impact?
  2. Types of Knowledge Exchange – Understanding and insight of the many ways your research can have impact bringing to the fore options you may never have previously considered.
  3. Building relationships with stakeholders that increase the impact of your research.
  4. Engaging Stakeholders: Describing different methods of engaging stakeholders and their importance to your research’s impact.
  5. Enterprise and Commercialisation: Translating your research to increase its impact more widely.
  6. Using Research to Inform Policy.
  7. Evaluating Research Impact:  Encouraging you to think about how you provide evidence of the significance and reach of your work. 

Depending on the needs and requirements of the attendees, the workshop will be delivered with different emphasis on relevant sections.

For further information contact Alison.

If you want to register for this workshop go to the signup page. If you are already registered and wish to access the materials click here.