Research Grant Clinics

Most grant-writers benefit from a brief session of one-to-one help and guidance to supplement the on-line workshop. They may need feedback on a set of key sentences or they may have questions they need to answer before they can implement what they have learned by studying the workshop materials.

  • How should they interpret the feedback on a failed application?
  • How should they modify a failed application to resubmit it?
  • How can they rewrite a half-written application so it uses the magic formula?
  • Which of several projects should they pursue first?
  • How should they divide their project into three work-packages so they can apply the magic formula?
  • How can they turn their idea into a fundable project?

We can offer a clinic, using zoom internet video, as part of a workshop or as a stand-alone. Our most popular interactive workshop includes a clinic with 15-minute sessions for feedback on key sentences. Open-ended consultations work better with a session of at least 30 minutes. In a stand-alone one-day clinic there is time for 11 consultations of 30 minutes each.

Feedback sessions on a full case for support typically last an hour and are run as coaching sessions.

Contact us for more information.