Coaching by Alison Metcalfe

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I offer coaching for leadership, change management, and research and enterprise to leaders in higher education and healthcare. If required, I have specialist skills and experience in leadership for research, innovation and enterprise, supporting research leaders to align these three areas that are critical to increasing research impact.

As a coach my aim is to unlock an individual’s potential by helping them achieve their goals.

Built on trust, respect and mutual understanding; my approach is relational – I work collaboratively with each individual to identify their goals and challenges, exploring opportunities and planning for change management. As the process evolves, the coachee’s self-awareness grows, which improves their leadership capability and skill. Stronger leadership leads to better performance for them and helps them develop their team for positive outcomes. 

A safe, supportive environment is provided for the coachee to creatively explore ideas, opportunities, problems, and challenges. It assists them in strategic planning and decision-making in highly complex environments. The coaching is strengths-based and forward looking, helping the individual to be energised and take ownership of their personal and professional development.

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