Research Grant Writing Workshops

Our research-grant writing workshops explain strategy and tactics, and develop skills for writing research-grant and research-fellowship applications. They are useful for novices and for experienced grant-writers and can include any of the following:-

  • Personal grant-writing strategy
  • Writing style for grant applications
  • The magic formula for a perfectly structured case for support in a research project grant, such as a research council standard grant. The magic formula produces a case for support with a layered structure that
    • begins with a clear one-sentence summary to encourage people to read it
    • communicates the main points to committee members who will skim-read it
    • creates an intelligible narrative for the dedicated but non-expert committee member who will struggle through it, and
    • places the technical details where expert referees will look for them.
  • How to write in a way that makes your technical language intelligible to the people who will decide whether to fund you.
  • A ‘recipe’ for producing a ‘magic formula’ case for support and for adapting it to different requirements.
  • The differences between fellowships and grants and how to create the recipe for a fellowship application.
  • How to adapt the key sentence approach for other types of grant application and for other documents. It can even be adapted to promote grant-writing workshops.
  • Fellowship and ERC interviews and talks
  • Practice and feedback to develop the skill of writing the key sentences that define the layered structure. Participants who do not have a project of their own can write about a project that has been funded by one of the major funders, using the published summary. The workshop handout, which can be downloaded from the resources web page, contains links to published summaries from successful ERC, UKRI and NIHR grant applications. You can also find summaries in the ERC and the UKRI databases of funded projects and the NIHR Journals Library.

The tactics and strategy components of the workshop can be delivered to an unlimited number of participants. The practice and feedback component works best with no more than 20 participants. The ideal room layout is cafe style with participants sitting at tables in groups of 2-6.

We have a workshop preparation form on our resources page to enable participants to prepare for this part of the workshop. Participants may also find it helpful to browse our blog before the workshop.

Commissioning a Workshop

All the workshops we run are commissioned by clients and run at their premises. Prices depend on location and timing. Use the contact form below to contact us if you would like to commission a workshop or to find out how much it would cost.

Support for Individual Grant-Writers

The best way to develop your skill as a grant-writer is to be coached while you write an application.

We are developing an on-line grant-writing course which we hope will be available by mid-2020. Here is the course introduction.

Contact us for more information.

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