See the list below for a selection of our training events. Most events are commissioned by institutions and organizations who pay our costs and provide the audience. Events sponsored by the UCU are available to all UCU members and further details and signup information are available  on the UCU CPD website. If you would like to commission an event, if you would like to discuss individual coaching or consultancy, or if you would like to persuade us to put on an open event at a location convenient to you, please contact us.

Scheduled Workshops

February 7th Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford

February 6 Strathclyde University

January 31 Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, King’s College London

January 25 City University, London

January 24 UCU York

January 23 UCU, Newcastle

January 22 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster

December 4th Reading University

December 3rd University of Winchester

November 28th Ulster University, Jordanstown  Handout

November 27th Royal Botanic Garden, Kew  Handout

November 22nd Strathclyde University  Handout

November 20th University of Derby Handout

November 19th UCU Bristol Handout

November 16th UCU Cardiff  Handout

November 15th University of South Wales  Handout

October 31 2018 Kings College London Handout

October 26th 2018 Dundee University Handout

October 24th 2018 Cardiff University Handout

October 16th 2018 UCU CPD Workshop Reading Handout

October 16th 2018 UCU CPD Workshop Brighton Handout

October 17th 2018 Surrey University Handout

October 16th 2018 UCU CPD Workshop London  Handout

September 27th 2018 Cass Business School Handout slides

September 13th 2018 UCL Interaction Centre Handout

June 22nd 2018 UCU CPD workshop, Swansea Handout

June 22nd 2018 UCU CPD workshop, Bath Handout

June 21st 2018 Keele University HandoutGrantsFellowsips

June 20th 2018 City University, London

June 18th and 19th 2018, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Handout

June 15th 2018, City University, London Handout

June 14th 2018 School of Humanities and Performing Arts, University of Plymouth

June 13th 2018, Paper Writing Workshop,  School of Biological Sciences, Portsmouth University HandoutPapers

June 7th & 8th 2018, Department of Psychiatry, University of Ulm Handout

May 18th 2018, UCU Workshop, Brighton Handout

May 30th 2018, Paper Writing Workshop,  School of Biological Sciences, Portsmouth University HandoutPapers

May 29th 2018, School of Biological Sciences, University of Dundee Handout

May 21st 2018 School of Humanities and Performing Arts, University of Plymouth PlymouthHandout

May 18th 2018, UCU Workshop, Liverpool Handout

May 16th 2018, Grant Writing Workshop,  School of Biological Sciences, Portsmouth University  Handout

May 15th 2018 Aston University Handout

May 4th 2018, UCU Workshop, Swansea Handout

May 2nd 2018, University of Portsmouth Handout

April 27th 2018, City University, London Handout

April 25th 2018 Farr Institute, University of Swansea Handout

April 19th 2018 Bath Spa University, The Path to Research Funding  Handout

April 16th 2018 Manchester Fellowships Workshop HandoutFellowships

April 11th 2018, Grant Writing Workshop,  School of Biological Sciences, Portsmouth University Handout

April 10th 2018 Northumbria University Next Generation Workshop HandoutNorthumbria

April 4th 2018 Strathclyde University; Writing Research Grants Handout

March 9th 2018, University and College Union, Newcastle Handout

Feb 28th 2018 University of South Wales, Treforest Handout

Feb 21st 2018 University of Glasgow School of Interdisciplinary Studies HandoutHalf

Feb 19th 2018 Manchester Fellowships Workshop HandoutFellowships

Feb 16th, UCU Nottingham Handout

Feb 15th, University of Leicester Handout

Feb 09 2018 UCU Headquarters, Carlow St, NW1 Handout

Feb 08 2018 Royal Botanic Garden, Kew Handout

Feb 06 2018 Strathclyde University  Handout

Feb 05 2018 Strathclyde University Handout

Feb 02 2018 Keele University Handout

Feb 01 2018 Lancaster University HandoutHalf

Jan 29th 2018 University of the West of England Handout

Jan 25th 2018 Roslin Institute  Handout

Jan 22 2018 Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley Handout

December 13 2017 Edge Hill University HandoutEdgeHill

December 12 2017 University of Liverpool Management School, ESRC New Investigator Grants Handout-ESRC-NIG

December 8 2017 UCU Workshop, Leeds HandoutUCU

December 7 2017 University of Ulster HandoutUlster

November 22 2017 Strathclyde University; Getting to Grips with Fellowships HandoutGTGWF

November 21 2017 Strathclyde University Grants Workshop Handout

November 18 2017 UCU CPD Workshop, Oxford Handout

November 14 2017 University of Warwick Medical School Handout

November 8 School of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow Handout

November 3 UCU University of Strathclyde Handout

November 1 2017 Cass Business School HandoutBreaks

October 23 2017 School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee HandoutDundee

October 17th 2017 NIHR Fellowship Workshop, Nottingham HandoutNIHR

September 25th 2017 Masterclass, Charles Darwin House Handout

September 21st Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts Handout

September 14th University of Leicester Handout

August 14th University of StirlingHandout

August 2nd Sheffield University Handout

July 21st 2017 Bath Spa University Business School BSUHandout

July 14th 2017 East Midlands Research Design Service, Nottingham,Handout

July 7th 2017 National Museum of Scotland GrantsHandout

July 5th 2017 Royal Botanic Garden, Kew GrantsHandout

July 3rd 2017 Newcastle College, HandoutPapers

June 22 2017 University of South Wales GrantsHandout

June 15 2017 Manchester Fellowships WorkshopHandoutFellowships

June 13th 2017  (UCU), Manchester GrantsHandout

June 12th 2017 Leicester University GrantsMorningHandout

June 1 2017 James Hutton Institute, Dundee GrantsHandout

May 25th 2017, Grant Writing Workshop, Bath Spa University, HandoutGrants

May 24th 2017, Grants Surgery, University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences.

May 23rd 2017, Loughborough University, Grant and Fellowship Writing Workshop GrantsAndFellowshipsHandout

May 22nd 2017 Loughborough University, Grant Application Workshop GrantsHandout

May 16th & 17th 2017 University of Aberdeen HandoutAberdeen

May 15th 2017  (UCU), Bristol Handout

May 11th 2017 Strathclyde University, Writing research grant and fellowship applications. GrantsAndFellowshipsHandout

May 8th 2017 University of Wales, Trinity St David, Carmarthen HandoutUWTSD

May 4th SRUC Fellowships HandoutSRUC

May 3rd College of Physical Sciences, University of Aberdeen HandoutAberdeen

April 26th 2017  (UCU), Cambridge HandoutUCU

April 25th 2017 Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Kings College London HandoutKings

April 24th 2017 Canterbury Christchurch University. HandoutCCC

April 20th & 21st 2017 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew HandoutKew

April 7th 2017 Manchester Fellowships Workshop HandoutFellowships

April 4th 2017 University of Portsmouth HandoutPortsmouth

April 3rd 2017 City University of London, Writing Papers, HandoutPapers

March 23 2017 Winchester Futures ProgrammeWinchesterHandout

March 20/21 2017 Northumbria University Writing Retreat HandoutNorthumbria

March 8th 2017  (UCU), Belfast

March 6th 2017 Fellowships Strathclyde HandoutFellowshipsHalfDay

February 17th 2017  (UCU), Edinburgh UCUHandout

February 15th Manchester Fellowships Workshop FellowshipHandout

February 14th 2017 Strathclyde GrantsHandout

February 6th 2017 Stratchclyde University HandoutGTGWG2017

January 31st 2017 Lancaster University Handout

January 20th 2017 SRUC Edinburgh

January 19th 2017  (UCU), Southampton HandoutUCU

January 18th 2017 Keele

January 16th & 17th 2017 University of Limerick HandoutLimerick

December 13th Exeter handoutoneday

December 8th  (UCU), Cardiff handoutucu

November 24th & 25th, Northumbria University handout-northumbria

November 16th, Department of Psychology, Keele University

November 15th,  (UCU), Sheffield

November 11th, Arts University, Bournemouth.

November 4th, University of Leicester

October 27th,  (UCU) Head Office, Camden

October 26th, London Research Design Service Awayday

October 6th & 7th, University of Ulster

September 30th, St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham (UCU) handoutrevised