Writing to persuade and inform

Do you need to

  • write about complex technical or academic matters for a lay audience,
  • write something in a tightly constrained format,
  • explain something in very few words,
  • write about a complex subject and make it interesting and understandable, or
  • turn what you know into a document that has a particular purpose, such as a philanthropic case for support, a strategic plan, a newspaper article or a book?
  • Do you have difficulty with any of these tasks because English is not your first language?

We have many years experience writing these kinds of document. We have  taught students to write essays, research plans, reports, theses and papers. We have coached colleagues writing papers, funding prospectuses, strategic plans, research strategies, job applications, books and commercial tenders. We are equally happy to teach you, coach you, edit your writing or just write stuff for you.

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