Speaking to inspire and inform

Do you need to

  • give an inspirational talk on a special occasion,
  • turn a lecture into a much shorter talk,
  • prepare a talk with a strict time limit,
  • prepare a talk for a lay audience about your special area of expertise,
  • prepare to address a public meeting,
  • deliver a talk that is part of a selection process?
  • Do you need to train your staff to do any of the above?

We have decades of experience giving talks, lectures and speeches. We are well known for our ability to connect with audiences of every type. We have trained our students and coached our colleagues to give confident and effective talks to audiences ranging from schoolchildren to parliamentary select committees.

Our approach is based on coaching the speaker to use the fundamental principles of presentation  to solve their problem. We can help you to work without visual aids or to design suitable aids to support your talk.  We believe that that key to effective speaking depends on working out what is the message that you can deliver with complete conviction, not on developing a special tricks or software packages. Participants in our workshops and coaching sessions practise the following skills.

  • how to identify and to craft the authentic message that you can deliver effectively and confidently to a particular  audience
  • how to design a presentation to deliver a particular message
  • how to decide whether audio-visual aids or handouts are necessary for your message
  • how to design and use graphics to convey quantitative information effectively
  • how to use your voice to maintain attention
  • how to manage interruptions and questions from the floor
  • how to deal effectively with questions that you cannot answer.

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